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Mothers Day 2021

For mothers day My dad and I made breakfast for my mom. We made her scrambled eggs, toast, juice, and coffee, which she really enjoyed. Then my dad and I gaver her our presents. We played her a song that I wrote for her, we made her a bodywash, and we bought her a decorative item. 

In the afternoon we went we had a really fun picnic, we went with our friends to Jhames Floyd State Park and we took Zoey along. We had so much fun, there was so much to do and so much food. We ate fruits, berries, burgers, chips, and corn. But the highlight of the day was when we went kayaking.

This was the most fun Mothers day we have ever had!


My trip to the awsome water park called the Wilderness
Right when my school ended and summer break started my parents and I went on a trip to a waterpark called the Wilderness. When we reached our hotel we started changing into our swimmig trunks and headed down to the water park. 
The first water slide I rode was called The Wall, it was really fun, it was filled with a bunch of twisty turns which leades to a 25 foot drop onto a 35 foot wall then you come back down. 
After that my mom, dad and I rode all the water slides there. In my opinion the most insane water slide was called The Cannon. After we rode all the rides we went to eat at the water parks resturant. Then we went back to the hotel to change and to go  Go-Karting.
The next day we rode most of the rides over and over again. Then we went to the there arcade and went bowling,   sadly we had to go back home but berfore we went home we ate at this AMAZING Thai restaurant . Finally we had to go back home.

The best week of my Summer

My mom and dad took the week off so we can have the best week of the Summer. 

We started of the week off on Monday, when we went to Gatlinburg, which is in the Smoky Mountains. On the way to Gatlinburg, we stopped at Knoxville to eat at a Hibachi place. Their food was over the top it was the best Japanese food I have ever eaten. Then while passing Pigeon Forge, we saw a place that was offering helicopter tours, so we did that. It was so much fun; it was the highlight of my day. Finally, we reached Gatlinburg. We went to downtown and watched a 5d movie. We then went on a sky lift to North Americas longest pedestrian suspension bridge. After that we went to this place where they serve frozen dragon balls and fried Oreos. Surprisingly they were very good.

    On Tuesday we went to Lake Winnie, an amusement park. I rode a bunch of thrill rides and did their awesome water park. But my favorite part of Lake Winnie was a thrill ride called the Cannon Ball Roller Coaster. It was filled with drops and was very fast.

    On Wednesday we went to this place called Fort Mountain State Park. It had a short hike which led to a beautiful scenery. After this we went to a skate park , it was my first time there I rode my scooter and my skateboard, I wasn’t too good at my skateboard though.

    On Thursday we went to Atlanta. On our way there we stopped at Barnsley Gardens to do Archery for the very first time. I used a recurve bow. Then, we went to see my aunt who came all the way from Boston.  We ate dinner an Italian restaurant. Then we rented an electric scooter and rode it around a park. Then we stayed the night at the hotel my aunt was staying at.

 On Friday we came back from Atlanta then relaxed until the evening when my friends asked me if I wanted to go on their boat in a lake and I said sure. We went swimming and tubing. This was my first time going tubing and it was so much fun.

On Saturday we mostly relaxed and went to the skate park. When we went so hot so I only skated for 30 minutes.

During the whole week we have been watching this movie series called Rocky. It’s a movie series starring Sylvester Stallone, and is all about boxing. Its about how this underdog became the world champion then he lost everything , and somehow managed to succeed in life. We finished all six movies.  On Sunday we finished the week of by relaxing.


A funny fractured arm story 

Around the 15th of March,  we had a snow day,  and my friends and I decided to go sledding and build a big ice fort. So we went sledding then made snow cream (which was really good) then built the ice fort. The next day my arm was a little sore, I thought nothing much of it, we thought it was just overworked because we spent so much time building that snow fort and hacking away with the shovels. So, we went through  our day like normal. The next day I went to the batting cages, and ever since then my arm had been hurting really bad. We felt a knot in my arm so we thought that it was now an inflamed muscle. We were icing , massaging and putting pain reliever ointment for a bit. Don’t forget that I was playing baseball the whole time this was happening. Then finally we thought, let’s go to the doctor. 

The doctor said that it is a torn muscle and just rest it for a week and if it still hurts after that then just get an X-ray done. We stopped everything that week , no baseball no PE and any other activities that would involve my arm. Then finally after a week, my arm was still hurting. So, we got the X-ray. We got the X-ray back 3 days later and it said that my arm is either fractured or has an under developed bone. Then the doctor sent me to an Orthapedic to see which one it is. It turned out to be a fracture and my baseball season was over. He said that I have to wait for more weeks before I can use my arm again. 

I am still waiting for my arm to be fully healed. I have around two more weeks left, but I have been cheering my team from the bleachers. Can’t wait to go out there and play.  

Baking cookies

One day on summer break I was super bored. So I looked at my cook book from school to see if I could make something.  Through out the school year my school has cooking lessons and they put us in groups to make the dish. Then, at the end of the school year, they give all the recipes of the year in a cook book. So , I was looking through the recipes and found one that I really liked. It was called Oatmeal drops, it was actually one of my teacher's(Ms.Crystal) family recipe. When I was done baking them I tried it, it was one of the best cookies I have ever had.

Our Trip to Dubai and Muscat, we had the time of our lives